08 April 2016


I have prepared a blogpost to you for a great news! Do you heard about the new digital fashion house Ivyrevel? If the answer is now,you can see the amazing full collection on their website on www.ivyrevel.com  This collection is shining.Gold details and color is on point.

Introducing IVYREVEL – a global digital fashion house for women, setting a new agenda in
digital innovation, design process and customer experience. IVYREVEL is a pioneering
digital fashion brand proud to be supported by H&M GROUP, PAYPAL and selected
influential business giants within digital technology, launching globally on April 7th 2016.


IVYREVEL is founding its own Fashion Tech Lab in Stockholm that will be tasked with bluesky
thinking to experiment with the future of fashion. Machine learning as part of the
creative process, interactive fabrics, wearable tech, distribution, customer experience: the
Fashion Tech Lab will ensure that IVYREVEL continues to innovate, and to stay at the
forefront of 21st century fashion.

A short information about the brand.Ivyrevel is a digital fashion house,tailored for they Generations.Ivyerel style is polished,loud and extrovert with feminine silhouettes and ample amounts of attitude.

IVYREVEL is supported by its global partners. H&M GROUP is an investor and support
within production and strategic advice. PAYPAL is a partner and advisor within payment
and distribution. IVYREVEL is also embarking on several progressive projects with some of
the biggest tech companies in the world within areas of data and digital innovation.

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  1. I didn't know it but those pics look amazing!

    xx Sarah-Allegra